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Clarity: WBS page with 21 tasks, indent one task, then click on Page 2 and get error on page: Error: '' is null or not an object


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Immediately after indenting a task on page 1, and attempting to navigate to page 2, it seems nothing happens. However, if you turn on the browser status bar you will see the browser error message.
A project with 21 tasks at the same level. The WBS page displays and the 21 task is on page 2. If you indent one of the task on page 1, then click on page 2 you her Error on Page;
Line: 510
Char: 9
Error: '' is null or not an object
Code: 0
URL: https://hostname/niku/app?action=projmgr.wbsTasklist&id=5004877

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a project in Clarity.

  2. Create tasks 1 - 21.

  3. Navigate to the WBS page.

  4. Select a task on the first page, such as 2, and click on Indent.

  5. Click on page 2.

Expected Result: To see task 21 on page 2.

Actual Result: You get Error on Page at the bottom left of the browser.



Do not click on page 2, but instead click on the WBS link to fresh the page.
The reason that the error message appears on the browser is due to the change in pagination and page 1 is not refreshed automatically. Indenting a task on the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) page causes the list of tasks to be reduced, thereby removing the need for page 2. Refreshing the page will now show the end-user only 20 tasks, therefore only 1 page is needed.


This issue affects Clarity 12.x and is not planned for a resolution in that release.
This issue is not applicable to Clarity 13.x due to the change in functionality - all tasks are shown on the WBS view (even when there are more than 20 tasks)

Keywords: CLARITYKB, clarity12open, CLRT-48510, error on page, WBS, Project Management.


Component: PROJECTS