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What Is CEEDUMP DD Statement And Can It Be Directed To SYSOUT?


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The CA LDAP for Top Secret started task procedure has a CEEDUMP DD statement. What is this file? Can the output be directed to SYSOUT?


A CEEDUMP is a USS (Unix System Services) file. The CEEDUMP itself is an HFS (Hierarchical File System) dump. Different applications in HFS create dumps with different names (ie JAVA dumps are named HEAP dumps), but these are still HFS dumps. The CEEDUMP DD statement in the CA LDAP for Top Secret started task procedure points to the file where a CEEDUMP will be written should LDAP abend.

At the SP01 level of CA LDAP for Top Secret 12.0 and above, the CEEDUMP can be directed to SYSOUT by stating the following:


Component: TSSLDP