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Clarity: NSA isn't listing any servers in the Cluster.


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I just installed Clarity but the NSA isn't listing any servers in the Cluster, why?


Run 'nikuadmin tower' command-line to check the servers listed in the tower on all application servers. If you still do not see any servers listed then:

  1. Restart beacon on all application servers to list servers in the tower.

  2. Type "refresh" in the "nikuadmin tower" prompt - to list servers in the tower.

    If servers are still not listed then check if the NSA passwords are the same on all servers.

  3. Go to TEC439232 (Changed the NSA password, now Beacon is not working).

    If servers are still not listed then check if multicast is enabled.

  4. Type "trace on" in the "nikuadmin tower" prompt.

    If messages are sent and received then multicast is enabled. If not, please check with your IT department to enable multicast. Without multicast, servers will not be listed in the NSA.

  5. Verify port 7500 is not being used. Multicast uses port 7500 for diagnostic purposes. If another application is using port 7500 then beacon will not run.

  6. Ensure that IGMP Snooping is enabled on the network.

Keywords: claritykb, beacon tec439232, cluster, nikuadmin tower, multicast.


Release: NCSVCS05900-8.1-Clarity-Service Connect-for MS-SQL