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"Error 13 waiting for server management messages Error text: Permission denied" on Policy Server on Unix.


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When running Policy Server, there are error messages in smps.log: "Error 13 waiting for server management messages Error text: Permission denied". What does that mean and how could I correct it?


This means that messages files (which are pipe special files) are owned by a different user than smuser which is running the Policy Server.

To correct this, you should stop the Policy Server, remove the pipe special files, and restart the Policy Server as smuser.

As root:
$ stop-all
# rm /tmp/snuh*

Note: If you do not have /tmp/snuh*, go to /tmp directory and run ls -l command. All files starting with "p" in the mode string are pipe special files and should be removed.

After removing these files, as smuser, restart the Policy Server:
$ start-all


Component: SMPLC