LDM0521E RC=64 Reason=140 received in Lserv started task joblog, what actions to take.


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This document will detail the steps to take when receiving LDM0521E RC=64 Reason=140 in the Lserv started task joblog.

Note: Lserv is used (most often) to manage Endeavor vsam files. This Knowledge Document takes the above into account.


The LDM0521E RC=64 Reason=140 message (most commonly) indicates an out-of-synch condition.

We typically see this when the Lserv address space is recycled while some Endevor users are active (but possibly dormant). On the restart of Lserv, the user has continued Endevor processing but is no longer recognized by Lserv as its token has been lost on the restart. The Reason Code X'140' means 'session not active for this user'.

The solution is to recycle Lserv again, after first ensuring that no users are using Endevor.

In the event the above is not the case, please contact CA Support.


Component: CCS390