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Unable to view or edit code snippets in ARD 2.10


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


I cannot view the code snippet screen that is accessible from "File" -> "Configuration" -> "Automation" menu option. The screen shows up blank (black).


This prevents me from seeing any of my existing scripts. I see the same behavior when I am adding an automation action.


ARD 2.10
CA Agile Requirements Designer


For ARD 2.10 and older, the code snippet screen uses the Ace editor by default (, which is an open-source code editor written in JavaScript.

The screen appears black on some systems because of a compatibility issue between Ace and the graphics rendering interface available on the system.

Note: Starting in ARD 3.0 the default 'editor Type' has been changed to "Plain Text".


Click on File -> Settings and manually change the "Editor Type" to "Plain Text" from the drop down menu.
This will display the code in plain text instead of using the Ace editor features.

Note: It is highly recommended you upgrade to the latest release of ARD. As of October 21, 2022 ARD 2.10 will be officially End of Service, and no longer supported by Broadcom, unless you purchase extended support.


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