How to change cursor location on TPX menu panel?
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How to change cursor location on TPX menu panel?


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TPX - Session Management


 How can the cursor default to the command line when returning back to the Main menu,
 rather than being placed at the active session position.


Release: 5.4
Component: TPX for Z/OS


To change the location of the cursor to the command line from the last session you entered:

  1. Logon to TPXADMIN

  2. Select option 2 TPX System Options

  3. Select option 1 System Options (SMRT)

  4. Select the "STARTUP" SMRT table

  5. Select option 13 Operational Parameters

  6. Tab over to Option 15 and change the 'N' to 'Y' (to have cursor at the command line)

  7. Backout using PF3 until the change has been saved.

  8. Reload the SMRT table and be sure to logoff and back on to TPX.

To reverse this process, change Option 15 from 'Y' to 'N'.

Option 15 - When the user returns to the TPX Menu, TPX places the cursor on the command line rather than beside the last application entered.