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We are using the SYSPLEX Coupling facility with the ACF2 databases. We discovered discrepancies in one of the databases after doing a reorganization of the databases. We used the ACF2 SWITCH command to switch databases. What would cause this discrepancy?


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When the ACF2 SWITCH command is used to SWITCH ACF2 databases, the SYSPLEX will be stopped and must be restarted manually.


The ACF2 F ACF2,SWITCH(DDSN list name) command can be used to switch from the active databases to other databases specified by the DDSN list name parameter on the command, without having to stop CA-ACF2.

The ACF2 CACHE or SYSPLEX, if active, is stopped upon execution of the SWITCH command. The CACHE is automatically restarted if the CACHE option is set in the active GSO OPTS record. The SYSPLEX must be manually restarted once the SWITCH command has been executed on all systems in the SYSPLEX.

Details on the ACF2 SWITCH command and the impact on the ACF2 CACHE and SYSPLEX can be found in the ACF2 Security for z/OS System Programmer Guide in "Appendix C: Console Operator Commands" section "Switching Databases".


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