Error "AHD06001: No topology.cfg file entry for node; queuing event" appears in EM Console when creating tickets using ahd.dll.


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Following error appears in the tngcnv file from NSM server:

02/24 13:51:40.26 servername tngcnv 4160 SIGNIFICANT convrtr.c 479 AHD06001: No topology.cfg file entry for node; queuing event

This error appears if the following daemons are not running on Service Desk Server:

Event Handling Conv (tngcnv)Event Handling Ctrl (ehc_nxd)Evt Handling Fltr (filter_nxd)Evt Handling Writer (ehwrter)

By default, in R12.1 all these daemons are running. However, if it is migrated from 11.2 to 12.1, it may not be enabled.


To resolve the error, enable the daemons by following the below steps:

Could you please take a backup of pdm_startup file and edit to locate the following line:

[procset MAIN_PROCSET]; queryserverpdm_infosw_ver_ctlbpnotify_nxdPDMBASEPDMBOP; NO FILTERING

Now remove semicolon (;) to uncomment out NO FILTERING so that it look as follows:

[procset MAIN_PROCSET]; queryserverpdm_infosw_ver_ctlbpnotify_nxdPDMBASEPDMBOPNO FILTERING

Save the file and recycle services of SD. Now start the tngconverter manually from NSM server using services.msc and see if you are able to create using ahd.dll.

Note: If it is a migrated server, then the keyword is ";NO FILTERING" and for a new R12.1 install, it is "FILTERING".


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