After NX_SURVEY_ILIMIT is set in NX.env, the Managed Survey Notification email is not sent out.


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If NX_SURVEY_ILIMIT is set to a lower value, such as 500 and more than 2 Managed Survey Notification email recipients are specified, the email is not sent out with the following error.

"spelsrvr 3764 ERROR pcexec.c 5508 Spell interp failed at cnt.spl:2151:cnt::notify_svylist:ilimit exceeded."


The variable "NX_SURVEY_ILIMIT" in NX.env may be too low for the sending of notification emails. Please modify the "NX_SURVEY_ILIMIT in NX.env from 500 to greater than 100000 or the maximum value 2147483648.

The variable "NX_SURVEY_ILIMIT" in NX.env is used to set the ilimit value of set_ilimit (int). The interpreter has a maximum instruction limit in order to avoid infinite loops. After executing the maximum number of instructions without completing, the interpreter returns a timeout error. The limit default is 100000, which can be reset inside a function to any value up to 2^31 (2147483648) by calling set_ilimit (int) in NX.env.

Each line of Spell file is equal to at least one instruction. 500 means you set the interpreter to stop after executing 500 instructions. This is too low to execute instructions.

Setting the NX_SURVEY_ILIMIT to a higher value in NX.env and restarting Service Desk should resolve this problem.


Component: ARGIS