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If I change a CA Deliver Initialization parameter (RMOPARM) is there an operator command that you can use for resets while the task is active? What RMOPARMS can be reset with the operator command?


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First, you need the RMOPARM SETCMD=YES. This enables the SET operator command.

To set an initialization parameter while the product is running, issue the following command:

F RMOSTC,SET initparm = operand
Where: RMOSTC       represents your STC name
       initparm     represents the initialization parameter you want to set
       operand      represents the value to which you want to set the initialization parameter

Initialization parameters that you can set with this operator command are listed below and are described in the chapter "Initialization Parameters" in the CA View Reference Guide.

ARCH                          BNDLWAIT                  SMF
AUTOACT                       DAYS                      START
BANNER                        FREEALL                   STKCHNn
BEGINDAY                      GSS                       STKMODE
BNDLBNRn                      HDETAIL                   STNAMEn
BNDLCONF                      JOBCLSL                   SYSCLSL
BNDLHDTL                      LOGO                      TEXT
BNDLINT                       MAXHIST                   TIME


Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO