The OMIT ORDER BY variable in RC/QUERY
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The OMIT ORDER BY variable in RC/QUERY


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RC/Query for DB2 for z/OS


The OMIT ORDER BY variable can be found on the RC/Query for Db2 for z/OS (RCQ) Profile Variable panel.
Within RC/QUERY type 'profile' on the command line, then select option 2 for RC/Query Profile Variables.


The Omit Order By variable determines whether to use ORDER BY processing. ORDER BY processing lets you sequence items in the order you prefer.
You can improve performance, however, by omitting ORDER BY processing when it is not necessary. Here is an example of the RC/Query Profile screen:

RQPROF1 R12    ---------- RC/QUERY Profile Variables --------- 2010/03/08 11:30
 PRINT PARAMETERS:     (For Printing Query Report being viewed)
   PRINT SQL PAGE      ==> N   (Y/N; SQL Page N/A if Printline Size < 41)
 PROCESSING OPTIONS:   (For Query Reports)
   VIEW LEVELS         ==> ALL          - For Object Dependency Report.
   QUALIFIERS          ==> N    (Y/N)   - For Obj. Dep. and some Ver. 2.1 cols.
   MAX LINES           ==> ALL          - For List and Detail reports.
   FULL DETAIL         ==> N    (Y/N)   - For reports based on multiple tables.
   OMIT ORDER BY       ==> N    (Y/N)   - For List and Detail reports.
   CA-UTILITIES        ==> Y    (Y/N)   - To use CA-Utilities.
   SAVED REPORTS       ==> N    (Y/N)   - To use customized reports.
   MATCHCASE           ==> CAPS (ON,    - Enables matchcase.
                                 OFF,   - Disables matchcase. (SQL Intensive)
                                 CAPS)  - Force object names to upper case.
   CAPNATS             ==> N    (Y/N)   - Capitalize National Characters.
   ALL LOCATIONS       ==> Y    (Y/N)   - For searches in Plan/Package Report.
   UNDERSCORE WILDCARD ==> ON   (ON/OFF)- To process underscore as wildcard.

The valid values for the Omit Order By variable are as follows:

Y   Omits ORDER BY processing to improve performance.
N   Does not omit ORDER BY processing. This is the default.