Unable to connect to connector server from provisioning
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Unable to connect to connector server from provisioning


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This KD covers the scenario of which all managed endpoints by this JCS server cannot be connected to. Simple actions like viewing the endpoint properties from provisioning manager produce the error above. If your case scenario only involve one or more but not ALL endpoints, this solution is not for you. If this does suite your scenario read on.

The follow errors are found in the jcs_daily.log

ERROR  - Unable to create application context for [com.ca.jcs.provisioning.adapter], unsatisfied dependencies: Dependency on [Additional information about depencies may vary)

ERROR  - Application context refresh failed (OsgiBundleXmlApplicationContext(bundle=com.ca.jcs.provisioning.adapter, config=osgibundle:/META-INF/spring/*.xml))


Unable to create application context for [com.ca.jcs.provisioning.adapter]….

Exception in thread "Thread-##" java.lang.RuntimeException: JCS@<server_name>: Failed to initialise the standalone server manager

Caused by: javax.naming.NamingException: JCS@<server_name>: Failed to create standalone configuration partition [Root exception is javax.naming.NamingException: JCS@<server_name>: Failed to create a JDBM partition: eTConfigContainerName=SA Configuration,dc=etasa [Root exception is javax.naming.NamingException [Root exception is java.io.StreamCorruptedException: invalid type code: 00]]]





Could not create a JDBM partition while starting JCS.


Possible causes are as follows:

Missing/corrupt files under CA/IdentityManager/ConnectorServer/jcs/data/jdbm

No available disk space on the connector server. 



1. Navigate to: %CA_HOME%\Identity Manager\Connector Server\jcs\data\jdbm


For backup purposes Create a zip file of these two folders:

  • etasa
  • SA Configuration


2. Delete the contents of both folders.

3. Restart your IDM stack and retest endpoint connectivity.  

4. Test viewing endpoint properties again in Provisioning Manager, in case you receive an error regarding authentication problem open ConnectorXpress, on the right bin expand the provisioning server by typing in the ‘etaadmin’ password. On the ‘CS Configs’ find your connector server, right click ‘Edit CS Config’ and re-enter the Provisioning Server and password (see image)