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Message "sel_data_cache.c 1352 Factory cnt_role has 114 active records, more than 3 times the select limit of 10. Consider adding it to the SelListCacheExclude list." appears in the stdlog. How to fix this?


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This message may appear in the log when you access Role list from Administration tab -> Security and Role Management -> Role Management -> Role List.


SelListCacheMax in \Service Desk\bopcfg\www\web.cfg file defines the maximum record count for caching selection list. If a selection list for a factory(cnt_role) has record count smaller than this value, it will be cached. Default value is 10. If there are more than 30 active records for the Roles, this has to be excluded for caching selection list which is controlled by the variable SelListCacheExclude.

To resolve the issue, add the cnt_role in the SelListCacheExclude list by following the steps:

  1. Take a backup of web.cfg file located in CA\Service Desk\bopcfg\www.

  2. Edit this file and locate the following:

    SelListCacheExclude acc_lvls act_type_assoc ADMIN_TREE.......

  3. Now add cnt_role at the end of the above line.

  4. Save the file and recycle services.

You should no longer see the message appearing in the stdlog file.


Component: ARGIS