How to bypass the TPX Menu when logging on to TPX?
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How to bypass the TPX Menu when logging on to TPX?


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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS



You can use the Display Menu parameter to specify whether a user goes to the TPX Menu after logging on to TPX. If you specify N the first active application session is displayed.


You can set Display Menu at the profile level and the user level.

Here is how you can set a specific UserId to go directly to the first active application:

  1. Logon to TPXADMIN
  2. Select User/Group Options
  3. Select Option 3 (User Maintenance)
  4. Enter the Userid
  5. Page down to "Display Menu" parameter
  6. Enter a "N" to bypass the TPX Menu
  7. PF3 back until the change is saved
  8. Have the user to log off TPX and back on to make the change active.

Note: If you do not have any sessions to start at logon then you will continue to get the TPX Menu.


Component: TLVIEW