How do you setup an approval process for KT articles so the users can't publish it until the KT manager approves it?


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The Approval process templates can be created to suit your needs. In this document we discuss how to setup a Manager to approve all documents before they are published.


Go to Administration\Knowledge\Approval Process Manager\Approval Process template. These templates are where you specify the tasks that need to be completed before a document is published. Select "Create New". Name your new template and click save.

In the task list you will specify the different tasks. Create a new task. Name your task (i.e., Manager Approval) and select an Assignee. The assignee can be a group (maybe a Managers group) or a specific user. Select the draft status. Once your new process template is completed, right click on it from the Approval Process Template List and "Set as Default".

When a new Document is created you will see your Process template in the Attributes tab. If the "forward" button is selected the document will move forward to the next task. Once that is done the admin or group (set in the assignee of the task) can view the document and reject or publish the document.


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