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SAP agent shuts down or crashes unexpectedly.


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Workload Automation Agent DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)



The SAP agent will crash on UNIX platforms after running for about 30 minutes to an hour. This can happen because the JCO is not correctly installed/applied.

Agent and SAP logs will show errors like these:

[CRITICAL] [Thread-23, 5, main] CybSAPJobManager.requestProcessedNotify[:1132] - SAP ERROR: Connecting -Unexpected Problem: JCO.classInitialize: Could not load middleware layer
Could not initialize dynamic link library sapjcorfc [/appl/cyb_agent/r7SAP/ specified file is not a shared library, or a format
error was detected.]. java.library.path [.:/appl/cyb_agent/r7SAP:/appl/cyb_agent/r7SAP/jre/lib/PA_RISC2.0/:


To install the SAP Java Connector:

Log in to SAP Service Marketplace.

Navigate to SAP Java Connector, Tools & Services.

Download the latest version of SAP JCO for your operating system.

Note: For HP-UX systems, download 32bit JCO, even if the OS is 64bit.

  • Stop the agent if it is running.

  • Remove any previous version of the JCO library from the agent installation directory.

    1. For example, to remove SAP JCO 2.1.6, complete these steps:

      1. Delete the following files and links from the agent installation directory:

        • *2.1.6.*

        • librfccm* and libsapJCOrfc.* (UNIX)

        • librfc32.dll and sapJCOrfc.dll (Windows)

      2. Delete the sapJCO-2.1.6.jar file from the jars/ext subdirectory of the agent installation directory.

  • Extract the sapJCO.jar file to jars/ext subdirectory of the agent installation directory.

  • Extract the following libraries to the agent installation directory:

    1. On UNIX, extract librfccm and libsapJCOrfc.

    2. On Windows, extract librfc32.dll and sapJCOrfc.dll.

  • Start the agent.

The SAP Java Connector is installed.


Component: SYSAGD