[MTP] NQMetricD process failing after ADA Master Console Upgrade
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[MTP] NQMetricD process failing after ADA Master Console Upgrade


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CA Application Delivery Analysis MTP (NetQoS / ADA)


After upgrading my Application Delivery Analysis Master Console, I am no longer receiving data from my Multi-Port Monitor(s).


On ADA -- Last monitored time on the Administration page is not updating for one or more Multi-Port Monitors.

On the Multi-Port Monitor -- On the System Status page, I see that the NQMetricD is stopping and restarting.


Windows 2012CentOS 5.X and 6.X


  • The root cause of this issue has to do with upgrading the ADA console while leaving the attached Multi-Port Monitors on older versions.
  • There was a major coding change that occurred in ADA/MTP 10.5. This makes any prior version of the software completely unusable with newer installations of the software.
  • This issue occurs when the ADA console is upgraded past v10.5 and the Multi-Ports attached are left at a version prior to 10.5.


There is no way, currently, to make versions of ADA/MTP with such a disparity work together.

The only way to fix this is to roll back to version of the ADA console or to upgrade the Multi-Port monitors to a compatible version.

To roll back ADA:

1) A viable backup of the ADA database must be available. This backup must have been taken prior to the upgrade date.

2) Uninstall ADA and reinstall the version of ADA that was present prior to the upgrade (ans was also functioning)

3) Replace the MYSQL database folders within the ADA installation structure. The 'super' database files are located at <install directory>/CA/mySQL/data/super

To upgrade the MTP:

1) Refer to the documentation located at docops.ca.com to properly upgrade the Multi-Port Monitors to 10.5+