Clarity: How can I change the Company Name on a financially enabled Project without loosing Actuals?


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When changing the Company Information in the Financial SubPage the following error Message is displayed:
"Company Name or Billing Currency cannot be changed after transactions have been posted."

This is working as expected (reference TEC444471 for further information).


To change the Company Name, the financial transactions have to be removed (after all chargeable financial transactions have been invoiced for the existing Company Name).
This will impact existing Cost, Benefit and Budget Plans on the Project i.e. the financial actuals will be removed.

Please test on a test environment before applying on your production data, also backup your data before performing the steps.

  1. Bill the transactions for these projects through Demand billing or Advanced Billing based on the Financial type.
  2. Set the Financial Status to Closed and keep project Active.
  3. Run the 'Purge Financial Data' job with the project as the parameter.
  4. Change the company name.
  5. New financial transactions can now be created and associated with the new Company on this Project.

Another alternative is to create a new project with the correct Company Name.

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Release: NCSVCS05900-8.1-Clarity-Service Connect-for MS-SQL