Clarity: A Custom tab holding a portlet with a chart does not display a chart after filter. A refresh of the page then displays the chart.


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This applies to Internet Explorer 6.0.2900 SP2 users with Adobe SVG 3.0 drivers are installed.

In Clarity, a custom tab has been created as part of requirement, which holds a number of Portlets and reports.

The Portlet which generate a chart, are facing an issue such that even after selecting the filter details and click on filter, unless and until the page is refreshed, it will not display the chart. One thing which we have noted is that, the chart is getting displayed without refreshing in Chrome and Opera. It seems to be IE specific issue.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Clarity (Username: admin, Password: xxxx).
  2. On Overview page, Click on Admin Tool.
  3. Click on Projects link under Project Management . All the Projects in the system will be listed. Click on any project in the list.
  4. In the Project properties tab, have a custom tab named My Project which is a collection of several Portlets.
  5. Click on My Project, select the Portlet Project Benefits Chart, select a benefit type and click on filter. A space for the chart will get created but it will not display the chart.
  6. Refresh the page, and then the Chart will be displayed.



Set Graph format on System Options to JPG for IE users.

Use other browser like Firefox.

Please find following information on Graph formats:

JPG/SVG/SVGZ are differing formats. JPG is just a static image (like any jpeg image you view in a browser).

SVG and SVGZ are our interactive graph formats (allowing mouse-over, click-through etc.), and SVGZ is just a compressed version of the SVG standard. JPG can be rendered natively by the browser, but for IE, to view SVG or SVGZ, the user is required to use the Adobe plug-in (provided with Clarity).

The impact of setting the graph format to JPG for IE users is that the browser is now rendering the graph image, and the graph will not provide mouse over or click through (not all graphs have this set).


Not reproduced in Clarity 8.0 and beyond.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-13481, actuate, Microsoft, browser, clarity753open.


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