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General notes on the User data field in Element record in MCF


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The User Data field in the Element record in the MCF can be used to store additional data via C1UEXT02.


The User Data field in the Element record in the MCF can be used to store additional data via C1UEXT02. This is achieved by supplying the, up to 80 character long, data in the REQUSR field , which is part of the $REQPDS DSECT in ASSEMBLER, and setting ECBRTCD to 4.
This corresponds to the REQ-USER-DATA in the REQUEST-INFO-BLOCK and ECB-RETURN-CODE In COBOL. The data will be written to the TARGET MCF.
To clear existing data at the target in C1UEXT02, set REQUSR to blanks, and set ECBRTCD to 4.
To leave the User data intact, let the REQUSR field default to binary zeros.

The REQUSR field, as passed to the EXIT01-04, will NOT supply existing data to the exit, and will contain binary zeros. Only EXIT02 can modify the field and thus update the MCF.

Once the User Data is supplied by the EXIT02, it will persist in the MCF, until updated or cleared by another EXIT02 call.

To obtain existing user-data, address the appropriate $ELMDS in EXIT02-04 via the Environment block. Note that the applicability of the Source and Target environment blocks depend on the ACTION. See the Endevor Exits Guide for further details.

The User-data can also be obtained via the API LIST ELEMENT function, or via the CSV Utility.

The User-data is supplied to processors via the &C1EUDATA processor symbolic.


Component: C21E