More Information about IEFTMS50 AXX-28
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More Information about IEFTMS50 AXX-28


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In which case we can get the CTSDAT01 CTSDATE RC=08 RSN=20 FUNC=36 FDBK=00 EXPDT/CRTDT/DATE=IEFTMS50 AXX- 28 message?


Dates accepted by CA 1 are 1960/000 - 2155/366. If the date calculated for an EXPDT is outside of this range you will receive the IEFTMS50 AXX message.

If the date is calculated from the RETPD and is higher than 2155/366 then the message would be IEFTMS50 AXX-28 and a SAxx abend will occur (the xx is your CA 1 SVC number in hex). Likewise a date that is older than 1960/000 will also cause an IEFTMS50 AXX message and abend.

Programs that do dynamic opens, or use the OPEN TYPE=J can invalidly set the EXPDT to a date outside of the CA 1 supported range. If the message does not give you enough information to determine the problem you can add a //TMSSNAPT DD SYSOUT=* to the JCL and rerun the job. This will print out storage including the JFCB (IBM control block that contains the EXPDT used by CA 1).


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