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Oracle Error on IDM Startup about "could not get metadata for the table event12_5:ORA-00942".


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Upon startup of the IDM 12.5 server, see error upon startup:

ERROR [ims.tmt.persistence] PersistenceProvider: Thread-15:
readTableMetaData: could not get metadata for the table event12_5: ORA-00942:
table or view does not exist java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00942:
table or view does not exist


This is due to missing table/metadata for the table event12_5n and other similar task persistence related tables. The installer builds the table as "EVENT12_5" and though Oracle is case insensitive, IDM cannot read the information or thinks some metadata is missing.


  1. Run the idm_db_oracle_delete.sql script in \IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\db\taskpersistence\oracle9i to remove all task persistence related tables and information. Use this regardless of whether you are on Oracle 9/10/11.

  2. Then run the idm_db_oracle.sql script to re-create the task persistence tables as the same schema owner you specified during the IDM installation.

  3. Restart application server - errors will disappear in startup-sequence.


Component: IDMGR