Limiting CA Spectrum OneClick User Access In Multi-Tenant Environments.


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Limiting CA Spectrum OneClick User Access In Multi-Tenant Environments.

Service Providers delivering management services seek to leverage one management solution to manage multiple customer infrastructures, which may consist of networks, systems, database or applications in a secure, reliable and cost-efficient way. Each customer should be able to access only managed entities in their own infrastructure and they should not be able to see the managed entities of the other customers. This article discusses the best practices associated with configuring user access in multi-tenant environments using CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager's Global Collections, user access and roles.


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Through the use of Spectrum's Global Collections and Security Communities you can control what entities in the managed infrastructure any specific user can access. Further, by assigning Global Collections to a Security Community, access to the Global Collection and its members is limited to any Spectrum users that are configured to have access to that same Security Community.

The attached document to this knowledge article contains detailed instructions on how to set this up.


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