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Clarity: How to meet the Prerequisite of Budget dates and Forecast dates for the Customer & Provider Chargeback Report?


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I have checked my data against most of the Prerequisites for the Customer & Provider Chargeback Report listed on page 254 in the Clarity Common Features and Personal Options User Guide:

Chargebacks have been processed successfully for projects, which are now showing no error messages on the 'Messages' page. The Provider Department has Recovery Statements listing the transactions correctly. The project has debit rules defined having an All-* debit rule on Project > Chargebacks > Debit Rules where this rule has * for all columns including Charge Code, User Value 1, User Value 2, Input Type Code and Transaction Class, and is active.

One of the Prerequisites for the report to show data for a project is to have all of the following fields to be populated on the project:

  • Planned Cost and Dates.

  • Budget Cost and Dates.

  • Forecast Cost and Dates.

I am not using the Project Financial Plans tab at all. I have manually entered the Planned Cost amount as well as Start and Finish dates on the project Simple Budget Page only. When I run the report I am getting no data to display. How do I define the Budget dates and Forecast dates to meet the above prerequisite?

Note: Simple Budget Page is the page you land on when you click on the Budget link from the Project Main Properties page, sub-menu.

Note: if "Set Planned Cost Dates" is checked on the Budget page the Planned Cost dates will be automatically populated on the Budget page.


If you are using detail financial planning having cost plans AND budget plans on the Financial Plans tab, data will be provided automatically from the detail plans for 'Planned', 'Budget' and 'Forecast' Costs and Dates.

If you are not doing detail financial planning, the Out Of the Box Simple Budget Page shows only the Planned Cost amount and dates, therefore, you will need to adjust the configuration of the Simple Budget page so you can manually enter the rest of the required data.

To configure the Simple Budget Page to show Planned, Budget, Forecast cost and dates:

  1. Admin > Studio: Objects > Project > Views > Project Properties [Layout: Edit].

  2. Expand 'Budget' subpage by clicking on the plus sign.

  3. Click on the Properties icon for the Financial Planning Section.

  4. Move these fields from the Available column to one of the Selected columns, then Submit.

    • Budgeted Cost (required).

    • Budgeted Cot Start (required).

    • Budgeted Cost Finish (required).

    • Forecasted Cost.

    • Forecasted Cost Start.

    • Forecasted Cost Finish.

    • Forecast equals Budget.

Now back on the Project Simple Budget page you can manually populate the Planned, Budgeted and Forecasted values.

By default, the 'Forecast equals Budget' flag is set to true. This means that the data entered for the Budget fields will be copied to the Forecasted fields.

If you wish to manually enter Forecasted cost and dates, uncheck 'Forecast equals Budget' and click Save, the Forecasted fields will now appear.

If you do not wish to manually enter Forecasted cost and dates you can opt to not move any of the Forecasted fields at step 4 above, as the Forecasted values are by default equal to Budgeted values.

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 1

Once the date values are saved, the prerequisite for "Planned dates", "Budget dates", "Forecast date" are now met.

In addition, the duration that these dates cover should also have GL allocation defined in your debit rules (investment or system level).

For an example, if these dates covers June 2010, you should have some GL allocation entered for June 2010. If you are using investment debit rules, then on Project > Chargebacks > Debit Rules > (select your rule) > Details, some amount should have been entered inside the GL Allocation for June 2010.

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 2

sample report output:

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 3

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