Message ACF01137 shows the source (ACC-SRCE field) as C5A81E62. What kind of source is this? Where did it come from?


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Sample message:
ACF01137 logonid LAST SYSTEM ACCESS 21.38-mm/dd/yy FROM C5A81E62

The source (ACC-SRCE field) in this example shows as C5A81E62.


The ACC-SRCE field in the logonid record has a maximum length of 8 characters. In this example, the value C5A81E62 is the hex representation of an IP address.

An IP address consists of 4 numbers (0-255) in a dot decimal format, also known as octets. To translate this source, break it down to the four values, then convert from hex to decimal, giving the numeric IP address.

C5A81E62 = C5.A8.1E.62 =

where x'C5' = decimal 197
         x'A8' = decimal 168
         x'1E' = decimal 30
         x'62' = decimal 98

When ACF2 receives a source that is an IP address, ACF2 performs the reverse process, converting the decimal values to hex values and removes the dot separators, thus reducing the length to 8 characters.


Component: ACF2MS