After creating a new CICS region, CA ACF2 CICS starts fine, but users are unable to signon. Users get message ACFAE134 YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO USE THIS CICS REGION. What is missing?


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CA ACF2 CICS uses the SIGNON parameter AUTH field value to check during the signon process to see if the user is authorized to signon to this CICS region. To logon to this CICS region, the logonid record of the user must have this value specified in their logonid record.

The ACF2 CICS SIGNON parameter AUTH value is specified in either the ACF2PARM data set used by that CICS region, or in a C-CIC (control CICS) record in the ACF2 data base. You can temporarily change the SIGNON AUTH value using the CA ACF2 CICS provided ACFM transaction (provided an authorized administrator user can signon to this CICS region.

For additional details, reference the SIGNON parameter in the CA ACF2 CICS Support Guide.

A user signing on to CICS is getting error message 





Component: ACF2MS


First determine if the SIGNON AUTH value in effect for this CICS region is correct. Reference (browse) the ACF2LOG (output) data set of the running CICS region. Search for SIGNON (you may need to use repeat find), until you find the SIGNON parameter value in use for that CICS region. If you (the administrator) can signon to that CICS region, then you can use the ACFM transaction to see the SIGNON AUTH value for that region.

If the SIGNON AUTH value is correct for this region, then determine if this user is authorized to access this region. If the user is authorized, then add the AUTH value specified for that CICS region to the user's logonid record.

If the SIGNON AUTH value specified for this region is incorrect, then correct the value in either the ACF2PARM data set for this region, or the C-CIC (Control CICS) GSO record in the ACF2 database for this region (SYSID). If the JOBLOG for this region has message:
      ACF79506 CIC Refreshing SIGNON
then you are using C-CIC records.

If the CA ACF2 CICS administrator is able to signon to this region, then the SIGNON AUTH value can be temporarily changed using the ACFM transaction, but remember to make the permanent change in either the ACF2PARM data set or the GSO C-CIC record.

Message ACFAE134 informs the user at the terminal that signon has failed 
Message ACFAE174 is issued to the ACF2LOG output file and to the CICS region's JOBLOG if WTO VIO=YES is specified.