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How to query files with particular file extensions in all computers within Domain?


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How to search file that exists at least in 2000+ agent machines for example (*.ws) or other files in all the domain computers?


Here are the steps for querying files with particular file extensions:

  1. In the DSM Explorer, in the left pane, expand DSM Server\software\ file explorer.

  2. In the left pane, expand all Computers\Group details\ Configuration.

  3. Right- Click Collect Tasks and choose New. The Select new collect task > file scan > type dialog appears.

  4. Type Scan for MP3 files on the general tab.

  5. Select Windows Settings. In the source list, select 'All files (*.*)' and click remove.

  6. In the Configure the windows file scanner list, clear 'All files (*.*)' and type *.mp3.

  7. Click Add.

  8. Clear ignore non executable files.

  9. Right-click DSM server and choose Asset jobs-Activate Job Check the asset job check dialog appears.

  10. Check Re-scan software inventory and click OK.

  11. When the file collect task status is ok for DSM Server, in the left pane, expand DSM Server\Software\ File Explorer. (If available, these files will appear under C:\classfiles).


Component: DTSVMG