How to setup a second IBMLIB?
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How to setup a second IBMLIB?


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Until today an IBM 3494/VTS System with one library is in use.

There is one IBMLIB statement (IBMLIB VMSYSATL 1 ccuu ccuu) available in the CADYNAMT SYSPROF file.

What are the steps required to get a second IBMLIB recognized during DYNAMCMS processing?


A second IBMLIB statement (IBMLIB VMSYSATL 2 ccuu ccuu) for a second 3494/VTS Library needs to be added in the CADYNAMT SYSPROF file.

The following steps need to be done before the volsers from the new (second IBMLIB VMSYSATL 2 ccuu ccuu) Library will be recognized:

Step 1:

Verify if ECFLAG=2 have been specified in task TC30I018 Tailor DYNAMT Marco part III.

Step 2:

Use the DYNCAT INT program with OWNID=2x to initialize all new volsers in the second (IBMLIB VMSYSATL 2 ccuu ccuu) library located in Scratch Category "x".

This will also add them with status SCRATCH in the Dynam Catalog (CAICATL) with an ownerid of 2x.

Step 3:

As done in the past with just one IBMLIB (IBMLIB VMSYSATL 1 ccuu ccuu) run DYNAMCMS TDYNIBM to synchronize the Dynam Catalog (CAICATL) with IBM Libraries 1 and 2 (IBMLIB VMSYSATL 1 ccuu ccuu) & (IBMLIB VMSYSATL 2 ccuu ccuu).

Step 4:

Change the owner ID field in every Dataset that should use the new volsers from IBMLIB VMSYSATL 2 ccuu ccuu to owner ID: 2x in the Dynam Catalog (CAICATL).

Step 5:

Now a job requesting a scratch tape with OwnerID 2x in the MOUNT SCRATCH message will request one of the new volsers located in the IBMLIB VMSYSATL 2 ccuu ccuu scratch category 'x'.


Component: DYNTVM