Task shows 'java.lang.NullPointerException' & Site ID displayed as 'null' when initialially updating the software Catalog, or Updating LMP Keys.


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After what seems to be a successful implementation of Mainframe Software Manager the task output from the actions 'Update Catalog Tree' or 'Update Keys' from the LMP Keys Browser may show a 'java.lang.NullPointerException'. The text of the task dialog will also show the value of 'null' for the user's Site Id.

Example of the task output:

Acquire Product Knowledge Started
Obtaining product list from Support Online
       information requested by : MSMUSER
                           Date : Aug 11, 2009 7:29:16 PM
                    for Site ID : null
PAS Exception thrown within BaseProdListCMD null
     at java.lang.String.contains(String.java:1875)
     at com.ca.mf20.SAM.ConsumeSC.ConnectToURL(ConsumeSC.java:128)
     at com.ca.mf20.SAM.BaseProdListCMD.execute(BaseProdListCMD.java:105)
     at com.ca.mf20.system.tasks.Task.executeCommand(Task.java:501)
     at com.ca.mf20.system.tasks.Task.executeCommandList(Task.java:425)
     at com.ca.mf20.system.tasks.Task.run(Task.java:344)
     at com.ca.mf20.security.SecurityThreadFactory$SecurityRunnable.run(SecurityThreadFactory.java:48)
     at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:810)

This error is due to the CA Mainframe Software Manager Server not being able to access the CA Support portal 'https://support.ca.com'.


There may be many different reasons for the root cause of the problem. The purpose of this document is to suggest a few of the common causes.

Note: While these settings may have been previously verified, it is possible that they may have changed since CA Mainframe Software Manager has been installed.

  1. The site's TCP/IP environment is not fully functional with a DNS Server or there are incorrect values in the TCPIP profile.

  2. While the MSMInstaller & the CA Mainframe Software Manager Server STC check (via JCL Interpreter ) for the presence of the dataset used by the //SYSTCPD DD statement they do not validate their contents. Please check for changes and accuracy thereof.

  3. The PORT #443 for 'https' by the support portal 'https://support.ca.com' may be in use or otherwise has had its status change.

  4. A proxy server may have been introduced, or mis-configured.

  5. A mis-match of IP address and local hostname. This is possible if the CA Mainframe Software Manager Server install was moved from one z/OS image to another.

    In all cases the OMVS commands oping , onetstat, traceroute, and nslookup may be used to diagnose the root cause.


Component: MSM