How to suppress "Browser Cache Refresh Required" message for CA Service Desk Manager products?


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Some changes and patches require that the CA Service Desk or CA CMDB web clients be notified that a browser cache refresh is required. For example, to pick up new HTMPL form information.

To do this, the option

"pdm_webcache -b"
is run in order to notify all users that this action is required. The first time that a user next logs in, they will receive the following warning:

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 1

The message only appears once per user.

However, if the command has been run in error, then users will be alerted to perform an action for no reason. In this case it may be desirable to suppress the message. In particular on very large systems, where even a small percentage of user requests enquiring about such a message could increase the number of unneeded requests to the Service Desk administrators.


Suppressing the 'Browser Cache Refresh Required' request

The command to issue a refresh request to all web users is issues as follows:

C:\>pdm_webcache -bAHD04635: pdm_webcache invoked at 07/30/2009 14:39:21 07/30/2009 14:39:21 web:wsp  AHD04630: Browser refresh time set.  Users logging in during the next 24 hours will be asked to clear their cache. 07/30/2009 14:39:21 web:local  AHD04630: Browser refresh time set.  Users logging in during the next 24 hours will be asked to clear their cache.

The effect of this is to create a file in the Service Desk \log directory called

Unlike most other files in the \log directory, this file is read from to trigger an event, namely the display of the message for a set period when users log in.

C:\>nxcdnxcd: Use popd to return.C:\PROGRA~1\CA\SERVIC~1>cd log C:\PROGRA~1\CA\SERVIC~1\log>dir b*Directory of C:\PROGRA~1\CA\SERVIC~1\log07/30/2009  02:39 PM                12 browser_refresh.txt              1 File(s)             12 bytes

The solution is to delete the file, by your preferred means. Here a simple command line delete is done on the Windows platform:

C:\PROGRA~1\CA\SERVIC~1\log>del browser_refresh.txt 

This will prevent the message from occurring.


This message should not be disabled when there is a genuine need for users to update the forms, such as after applying patches or customising web forms.

To permanently disable the message on a Development system only, see the Administration Guide entry "Clear the Cache." (Page 265 of the r12.0 guide.)

For more information on pdm_webcache, search all of the PDF documents for "pdm_webcache" or run 'pdm_webcache -?'


Release: CACMDB99000-11.1-CMDB


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