When initializing the PROTSYM dataset or the PROTDMP dataset high CPU utilization may be encountered or the initialization job appears to hang.


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When running utility program IN25INIT to initialize a new PROTDMP-dataset or running IN25UTIL with parameter INITIALIZE to initialize a new PROTSYM-dataset, these symptoms may occur when secondary DASD extents are specified or done automatically through third-party products such as STOPX37.

If secondary extents are specified for these VSAM clusters, these utility programs will try to allocate as much DASD space as possible until all space on the volume is exhausted or the maximum number of extents allowed is reached. But only one extent will be used by the product.

When you define a new PROTSYM or PROTDMP file using the default JCL shipped with the base install WITHOUT specifying secondary extents(as documented) the following message is generated.
IEC070I 203-204 is produced which is normal.

IEC070I 203-204,SYMFILE,INIT,PROTDMP,2968,OSI010, 770 (PROTDMP file)
IEC070I 203-204,DEFSYM,IVP2,PROTSYM,519A,OSI012, 982 (PROTSYM file)


Explanation: An error occurred during EOV (end-of-volume) processing for a VSAM data set.

203 An extend was attempted, but no secondary space allocation quantity was specified.

If a vendor package such as STOPX37 is installed at a site it intercepts the IEC070I 203 message and attempts to allocate secondary extents until the DASD volume is full. In that case STOPX37 messages SVM4000I and SVM4855I may appear in the JOB output. In addition the secondary extent cause the initialization JOB to run a long time and appear to hang and produces a lot of CPU overhead.


Secondary allocations are not allowed for these datasets. Do not specify a secondary space allocation in the IDCAMS definition.

Do not use third party products such as STOPX37 when defining these files. The IN25UTIL and IN25INIT initialization utility programs can run for a long period of time depending on how large the primary file allocation is.


Release: OSINBV00200-8.5-InterTest-Batch