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Cross Platform Scheduling from CA Jobtrac Job Management to CA Autosys Workload Automation.


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CA Jobtrac JM can send a request to submit a job defined to CA Autosys WA. This knowledge document will describe components and setup requirements.



Component: JOBTRC


Requirements on the CA Autosys WA system:

CA Autosys WA must be installed.

CAICCI connections must be defined. For Windows, the file CCIRMTD.RC is used and for Unix, the file CCIRMTD.PRF is used. The CCIRMTD.RC/CCIRMTD.PRF file should contain one LOCAL statement pointing to the local machine, and REMOTE statement(s) pointing to the mainframe system(s) where CA Jobtrac JM is active. The LOCAL and REMOTE statement will contain the following:

LOCAL = hostname cciname startup [ALIAS=alias_name] 
REMOTE = hostname cciname  32768 startup [port=nnnn]

In the REMOTE statement, the hostname is the node name and the cciname is the SYSID value from the CCITCPGW started task.

In the LOCAL statement, an alias name may be necessary if the local machine name is greater than 8 characters.

Requirements on the z/OS system where CA Jobtrac JM resides:

CA Jobtrac JM and CA GSS must be activity.

In CA GSS you would need the following in the RUNPARM.

FUNCTION $UNISUB  $UNISUB  30 ASYNC                         /* Submit */              
FUNCTION $UNITRK  $UNITRK  30000000 ASYNC                 /* Tracking */            
FUNCTION $UNIRCV  $UNIRCV  30000000 ASYNC              /* Cmd receive */         
FUNCTION $UNIRMT  $UNIRMT  30000000 ASYNC          /* Unicenter agent */     
FUNCTION $UNIEVNT $UNIEVNT 30 ASYNC                   /* CAIENF Event */        
       Globals For CA-Jobtrac scheduling to Unicenter TNG and          *      
       CA-Jobtrac Agent                                                *      
GLOBVAL  &UNI_DEBUG /DEBUG/                                          
GLOBVAL  &UNIJT_USER /Globaluserid/       * Default userid for remote */
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$JT2UNI /Y/                    /* Enable CA-Jobtrac to  */    
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNITRKJT.MON /JOBTRA7/             /* Monitor name     */ 
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNITRKJT.AGE /10/                  /* Checkpoint entry */
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNITRKJT.SCAN /10/                 /* Maintenance and  */
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNITRKJT.DEBUG /DEBUG/             /* Tracking task    */
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNITRKSC.IMOD /$ACH_SCHED_TRACK/   /* ca -schedular    */ 
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNITRKSC.DEBUG /DEBUG/             /* Tracking task    */
Globals scheduliing from Unicenter TNG to CA-Jobtrac                   *      
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNI2JT /Y/                  /* Enable Unicenter TNG to */  
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNIRCVJT.MON /JOBTRAx/             /* Monitor name     */ 
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNIRCVJT.SCAN /10/                 /* Maintenance and  */
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNIRCVJT.DEBUG /DEBUG/             /* Receive task     */
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNIXPSJT.MON  /JOBTRACx/           /* Monitor name     */
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNIXPSJT.PRINTDD /XPSPRINT/        /* Trace and message*/
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNIXPSJT.SNAPDD /XPSSNAP/          /* Snap output      */
GLOBVAL  &UNI.$UNIXPSJT.SCAN /10/                 /* Maintenance and  */

CAICCI considerations:

In the CAICCI control options topic. Following is a sample of the required protocol statement:


The SYSID parameter in the CCIPARM member names specify the unique name to be used in connecting with this z/OS system.


This name is specified on the remote CAICCI system to identify CAICCI on the z/OS system.

For further reading please see CA Jobtrac JM Planning and Implementation Guide, Appendix B