TPX message: MENOMN03 You are not authorized to enter this command.
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TPX message: MENOMN03 You are not authorized to enter this command.


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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS



This message would be issued if you were in TPXOPER trying to enter a command that you are not permitted to do. This example solution will show you how to allow users to issue DISPLAY commands in TPXOPER.


  1. Display userid to get their Group name and Oper cmd class information (this can be found at the USER, PROFILE or SYSTEM level).

  2. Logon on tpxadmin.

  3. Select TPX User/Group Maintenance.

  4. Select TPX Operator Command Authorization Class.

  5. Select the Group name the user is assigned to.

  6. Select the Oper cmd class the user is assigned to.

You should see a screen like this:

 TPX Operator Command Class Table:      NEWGROUP 
 TPX Operator Command Class:            D 
 Y - ACTIVATE  - Activate application  Y - QUIESCE  - Quiesce applications 
 Y - CANCEL    - Cancel user/sessions  N - RELOAD   - Reload panels or tables 
 Y - DISPLAY   - Display Information   N - SEND     - Send messages 
    (all but memory)                   Y - SPIN     - Spinoff TPX Log 
 Y - MODIFY    - User ONLY             Y - TRACE    - Trace on/off 
 N - MODIFY    - All operands          N - UNLOCK   - Unlock terminals 
 N - MEMORY    - Display memory 
 N - MEMORY    - Update memory         Y - VTADD    - Add virtual terminals 

On the left hand side you can see DISPLAY is Y. This allows you use DISPLAY commands in TPXOPER. If the value is "N", change it and RELOAD OCMD=tblname in TPXOPER. For the above example that would be RELOAD OCMD=NEWGROUP.


Component: TLVIEW