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TLI error messages


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The following document details all possible error messages that can be generated by TLI logging on the webagent.

TLI logging is enabled by setting the environment variable: SM_TLI_LOG_FILE to the logfile name.

For example:

set SM_TLI_LOG_FILE=/mylog/my_tli_log
Will create files named my_tli_log-[number] in the mylog folder.


Possible error messages:

  • Request size too large: %d.

  • Failed to allocate %d bytes.

  • Could not create %d byte buffer.

  • Can not serialize %d bytes in %d byte buffer.

  • Can not un-serialize %d bytes from %d byte buffer.
General messages:
  • Starting initialization.

  • Finished uninitializating.
  • Unless a problem occurs most logs will show "Starting initialization" on line one and "Finished uninitializating" on line 2.

  • Any logs with more than 2 lines indicate that TLI errors occurred and should be investigated.

  • Logs with only 2 lines can be discarded.

  • Logs with only 1 line should be kept until the "Finished uninitializating" message is written.


Component: SMAPC