Is there a utility to DELETE a range of sysouts based on the archival date from the database?
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Is there a utility to DELETE a range of sysouts based on the archival date from the database?


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Users sometimes want to delete a range of sysouts from the CA VIEW database based on the archival date. There may be hundreds of sysouts that fall into this category so they need to do this via a utility and not manually.

Is there a utility to DELETE a range of sysouts based on the archival date from the database?




The CA VIEW SARBCH /DELETE job will allow a user to delete sysouts from a database, but it is limited in what it can do. For example, it does not provide you an option to delete sysouts based on a specific date range.

To accomplish this, CA View provides an Archive Date Reporting (SARSAM8/ADLIST) utility that will help you accomplish the task of deleting sysouts for a specific date range. Here is what you will be require to do to accomplish your task:

1. Assemble and link the SARSAM8 program as ADLIST into your CA View load library using one of the following:

- Sample JCL to install via SMP/E USERMOD is located in your.hlq.CVDEJCL(BRMSSAMX).
- Sample JCL to install outside of SMP/E is located in your.hlq.CVDEJCL(BRMJSAMX).

2. The following JCL will generate a list of all of the sysouts for the specific date range specified on the /LIST card and at the same time it will create the /DELETE control cards for those same sysouts. The /DELETE control cards will be placed in the dataset specified on the //CTLCARD DD and can be used as input for the SARBCH job that you would have to run to delete the sysouts. Here is some "sample" JCL:

//STEP1 EXEC PGM=ADLIST,PARM='...your.db.hlq...'  
//         UNIT=SYSDA,SPACE=(TRK,(1,1)), 
//         DCB=(,RECFM=FB,LRECL=80,BLKSIZE=8000)
//SYSIN    DD *


Note: The CTLCARD DD is optional but must be provided when using the CCREATE control card parameter. 

3. You can now run the SARBCH job using the control cards created in the previous step. Here is some "sample" JCL:

//STEP1  EXEC PGM=SARBCH,PARM='...your.db.hlq...' 

You should review the output of the utility, that is, both the report and the control cards created in the CTLCARD data set to insure that you are getting the expected results before using the control cards as input to SARBCH. It's always a good idea to make sure you have BACKUPS of the CA VIEW database and index extents before running the SARBCH /DELETE function as well. Just in case. After running SARBCH, all the sysouts for your specific date range should have been deleted from your CA VIEW database.

Additional Information

You can refer to the following CA View documentation for additional information:

SARSAM Standard Database Access Method