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ADD or RUN of job gets ADD DELAYED message or jobs status shows as AWAITING SUBMISSION


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In Jobtrac no jobs are running and show a status of AWAITING SUBMISSION. On other occasions any attempt to do an ADD or RUN of
a job results in anADD DELAYED message.


Component: JOBTRC


If there is an attempt to submit a job from a monitor Jobtrac the status of the job will show as AWAITING SUBMISSION.
Any ADD or RUN of a job on a monitor Jobtrac will receive message ADD DELAYED.   Jobtrac will only submit events/jobs from
a primary submission system.  More than likely Jobtrac  Parmlib(JOBTRA00), SYNCSYS1 definition has not been updated with
the correct systemid of the primary submission system.   This can be corrected by issuing the following command in Jobtrac:

'F JOBTRACn,ACTSYS=sysid' on the Primary Submission system.

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Jobtrac Job Management if you have further questions.