How does the decode function work (Legacy KB ID CNC TS12283 )
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How does the decode function work (Legacy KB ID CNC TS12283 )


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Starting with eHealth 5.x, eHealth has built in defensive code because expressions of the form x/y might result in a division by zero, CA recommends that you rewrite these expressions to use the decode statement if you have made any modifications to them. The decode statement takes any expression of the form x/y, and if y (the divisor) is equal to zero, the expression is equal to zero. If y is not zero, the expression is evaluated. The format for the decode statement is:

DECODE(y, match_value, match, x/y) where:
if y = match_value, then the expression evaluates to match, or
if y does not equal match_value, then the expression is evaluated.

For example, the expression TR_CONTENTION_STREAMING/DELTA_TIME*100 should be converted to DECODE(DELTA_TIME, 0, 0, TR_CONTENTION_STREAMING/DELTA_TIME*100).

You need to delete the INTEGER4 construct and the FLOAT4 construct from expressions that contain those constructs. For example, the expression FLOAT4(TR_CONTENTION_STREAMING)/FLOAT4(TR_BIT_STREAMING) should be converted to TR_CONTENTION_STREAMING/TR_BIT_STREAMING.

CA has reviewed the columnExpression.sys file for expressions that contain INTEGER4 and FLOAT4 and expressions of the form, x/y, and made the necessary modifications.

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(Legacy KB ID CNC TS12283 )


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements