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A time may occur when you want to exclude a product from the refresh process in order to prevent the abend from occurring.

For example, if you have not maintained a product and you plan to reinstall it, you will want to exclude that product to prevent the abend.

Consequences of excluding products

When you exclude products from the PSP refresh process, you will see the following changes:

  1. The excluded products do not appear on the product change status report.

  2. The refresh job does not abend if there are unapplied and unavailable product changes for the excluded products.

  3. No product changes for the excluded products are loaded from the PSP distribution to PSP libraries.

  4. PSP Online does not display any available product changes for the excluded products.

  5. PSP Online ignores product changes belonging to the excluded product if they are listed as co-requisites or prerequisites.

  6. BAS cannot be excluded; attempts to exclude BAS will be ignored.

Excluding products from the refresh process is an extreme measure and should be done only after thorough consideration of potential consequences. If there is any question about whether to use this option, contact CA Support. For online assistance and a complete list of locations, primary service hours, and telephone numbers, contact CA Support at


Video: "How to Exclude Products from Maintenance?"

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