Can we turn off DDL IN TRAN for our Sybase Idb database?


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Advantage Data Transformer



The script provided with Advantage Data Transformer for defining the Sybase Adaptive Server Idb sets "ddl in tran" to true. This is a potential problem for database security, and we'd like to reset it to false. Will turning it off adversely affect ADT?


The Sybase Idb.sql script provided in the ADT\idbsetup folder for defining a new Idb in Sybase includes the statement,

sp_dboption Idb,'ddl in tran',true

This is required during initial configuration so that the ADT Configuration Utility can create the Idb tables.

However, once the Idb has been configured for the current release of ADT, which is r2.2, then there will be no further need for ADT to modify the database catalog. All future use of the ADT programs will only modify data in the Idb. This database parameter may be set to 'false' without any ill effect on ADT.

sp_dboption Idb,'ddl in tran',false

Note: If any future patch or modification of the Idb catalog is required, the patch will include instruction or code for turning this back on and then off.


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