What CICS related SMF records can CA SYSVIEW produce?


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CA SYSVIEW for CICS can produce SMF records. The records which it can create are controlled by options set in the parmlib member CICSLOGR. The parmlib member also contains in depth descriptions of the various settings.


The writing of each record to SMF is controlled by a configuration option defined in the CICSLOGR parmlib member. The following table shows the relationship between an SMF record and the corresponding SMF-RECORD-TYPE configuration option.
The default SMF record type for all SYSVIEW records is 255. The record layouts or DSECTS can be found in the MACLIB members.

Type   Subtype  MACLIB   Configuration Option                     Online              Description
255    008 x08  CSMF008  LOG-EXCEPTIONS-SMF                        CXLOG            CICS threshold records                                     
255    009 x09  CSMF009  LOG-EXCEPTIONS-SMF                        CXLOG            CICS state exception records             
255    024 x18  CSMF024  LOG-EXCEPTIONS-SMF                        CXLOG            CICS exception records                   
255    025 x19  CSMF025  LOG-TRANSACTION-SUMMARY-SMF               CTRANSUM         CICS transaction summary records        
255    027 x1B  CSMF027  LOG-TRANSACTIONS-SMF                      CTRANLOG         CICS transaction detail records   
255    028 x1C  CSMF028  LOG-SYSTEM-DATA-SMF                       CSYSDATA         CICS system interval data records   


Component: CA90S