Copied ZXL into ZCL by mistake. How can this be corrected?
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Copied ZXL into ZCL by mistake. How can this be corrected?


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Alchemist TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS



In trying to expand the ZXL (Zone Cross-reference Library), inadvertently copied the ZXL into the ZCL (Zone Control Library) for the same zone.

These records don't seem to be causing any problems to Alchemist.


If VPUP (ZBBVPUP) COPY used the REPLACE option or if the files were from different zones, you will have to restore the file from a backup of ZCL.

Members related to specific entity versions, have identical names on both the ZCL and ZXL, and it should be impossible for one of these members to exist on a ZXL without having a corresponding member on the ZCL.

If REPLACE was not used and the zones were the same, then the only members that should have been copied to the ZCL would be some special members that can normally exist only on the ZXL, and these are as follows:

  • Members with names starting with a + (plus), - (minus) or % (percent) character

  • Members with names ending with the four characters @ANY

  • Members with names ending with @

If the output report from the VPUP COPY is available, it would be worth checking it to ensure that all of the members reported as copied do indeed have names that match these criteria.

This being the case, we can use VPUP DELETE to remove members with names conforming to these rules, i.e. NAME( +* , -* , %* , *@ANY ).

  1. Take a backup of the ZCL

  2. Try running this VPUP:
    ./ PRINT FILE('')./ NAME('+*','-*','%*','*@','*@ANY')./ LIST(DIRECTORY).
  3. Verify that you get the same members listed as in your original copy job.

  4. Stop the Alchemist started task.

  5. Change VPUP job to a delete:
    ./ DELETE FILE('')./ NAME('+*','-*','%*','*@','*@ANY')./ LIST(DIRECTORY).


Component: ALCMST