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How do I determine what license rights were auto assigned?


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When looking at the licensing portlet, there is no way to determine if the rights were assigned directly or indirectly through an automatic rights assignment. How can I determine which rights were automatically assigned?


The following query is useful in finding auto-assigned rights.

SELECT u.user_name User_name, u.last_name Last_name, u.first_name First_Name, lu.user_id User_Id, 
g.group_name Access_Right, License_type_of_the_right FROM cmn_lic_users_v lu,cmn_lookups_v l,cmn_sec_users u,cmn_sec_groups_v g WHERE l.lookup_type = 'CMN_LIC_RIGHT_TYPE' AND = lu.user_id AND u.user_status_id = 200 AND l.language_code = 'en' AND lu.right_id = g.ID AND g.LIC_RIGHT_TYPE=l.lookup_code AND g.language_code = 'en' AND g.GROUP_CODE like '%auto%' order by user_name

The output of the query will take the form of:

 User_name     Last_name      First_Name     User_Id     Access_Right                         License_type_of_the_right 
   ------------  -------------  -------------  ----------  -----------------------------------  ------------------------
   admin         Administrator  Niku           1           Application - Manager (Auto)         Creator 
   admin         Administrator  Niku           1           Project - Discussion Manager (Auto)  Creator 
   admin         Administrator  Niku           1           Project - Participant (Auto)         Participant 
   Keywords: rights, automatic rights, licenses, creator, participant


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