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Harweb does not provide –p (package) argument to the UDP process


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Trying to execute a UDP written in Perl from Harweb . Harweb does not provide –p (package) argument to the UDP process. 

The same UDP works fine from Harvest Workbench. 


We have a different behavior between the Workbench and Harweb . 

The UDP process do not return the same to the -p parameter when we select a group package: 

- In Workbench , the list of packages associated with the package group is transmitted to the UDP process 

- In Harweb , the list of packages sent to UDP process is empty 



harvest 12.5 on Win2008R2 harweb 12.5 on Tomcat 6.0 (same machine)


Currently Harweb is not designed to support providing the list of packages to the UDP process.