How do I upload CA LDAP Server for z/OS r12 to the mainframe, ready for install, without using FTP or SFTP?


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CA LDAP Server for z/OS r12 downloads to the pc and is then installed via a wizard on the pc that will then FTP the data to the mainframe for execution. If FTP or SFTP are not allowed, by site standards for the mainframe, can I use IND$FILE?


If FTP and SFTP are not available to send data to the mainframe, the following steps can be followed to use IND$FILE from the PC to the mainframe.

  • Allocate a dataset on MVS with the following attributes (LDAP.R12.JAR):

    1. ORG=PS

    2. RECFM=U

    3. LRECL=0

    4. BLKSIZE=6144

    5. INITIAL CYL allocation = 25

    6. Secondary cylinder allocation =5

  • Get to TSO READY prompt.

  • Use IND$FILE to upload the ldapinst.jar file, from the 25-CR1 directory of the original zip file, to the sequential dataset. For example use the Upload file option in QWS3270.

  • Copy the file from the sequential dataset to USS.

  • cp -ABCM "//'HLQ.LDAP.R12.JAR'" ldapinst.jar

  • Set your PATH environment variable to include the Java bin directory.
For example: PATH=$PATH:/sys/java31bt/v6r0m0/usr/lpp/java/J6.0/bin
  • Run the install using:
    java -jar ldapinst.jar -i console


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