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IDB2 online History Files compatibility.


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I am upgrading Insight for DB2 for z/OS from R11.5 to R12.0. Are the R11.5 VSAM KSDS online history files compatible with the new R12.0 product version? If not, can I copy the contents of the R11.5 A/B KSDS VSAM datasets to the new R12.0 Linear VSAM dataset?

No they are not, but the r12 post install job, ssid0625, will facilitate unloading the data from the r11.5 KSDS Vsam datasets and loading into the r12.0 Linear Vsam datasets.


The R12 Insight for DB2 for z/OS product uses VSAM LINEAR datasets for its online history files, thus making it incompatible with previous Insight versions' (R11.5) VSAM KSDS structure. The R12 post install (ssid0625) job under the DB2 customization option provides the job stream to migrate previously existing history files by generating the HISTUNLD and HISTLOAD job steps in the ssidVSAM member created during this post-install process. The HISTUNLD unloads the old VSAM KSDS history files into an SMF flat file using a IDB2UNLD utility similar to the utility in r11.5, and loads the new history files with the new IDB2UIFI utility which is documented in the R12 Insight System Guide.


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