Does Panvalet compress out trailing blanks (x'40') or consecutive binary zeros (x'00') from DATA type members?


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Intend to use Panvalet as a storage device for dataset with a fixed LRECL of 1562. These records have trailing binary zeros, X'00', instead of trailing blanks beyond the valid data.

  1. Does Panvalet do any compression on members of type DATA?

  2. Does it strip out and restore trailing blanks?

  3. Is there anyway to have Panvalet compress out binary zero bytes and restore them?


Panvalet internal compression techniques remove all non-essential data fields such as blanks, sequence numbers, identification fields, and COBOL keywords.

  1. Yes, these compression techniques are applied to DATA type members.

  2. Yes, Panvalet will compress out trailing blanks (x'40') at the end of a data record.

  3. No, Panvalet does not compress out consecutive binary zeros (x'00') or consecutive characters.


Release: PVALET00200-14.5-Panvalet