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In RC/Edit all columns are displayed as protected and users are unable to edit the table data.


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Users are unable to edit the table data through RC/Edit. All columns on the RUEDITC panel are displayed as protected and are not updatable.

Error message RU359E is displayed:


Authority checking is being performed by RACF and these users have the authority to update these tables so why are the fields protected?


When you use an external security package, such as RACF, then you should set the following RC/Edit profile parameter to 'N':

Perform authorization checking ==> N     Y or N

The RC/Edit Profile parameters can be checked or updated by entering PROF while in RC/Edit.
Then select option 3 - RC/Edit Profile Variables

RC/EDIT Parameters:                                              SSID: DB2A
  Perform authorization checking       ==> N     Y or N
  Date format for RC/EDIT BROWSE       ==> ISO   ISO,USA,EUR,JIS or LOCAL
  Time format for RC/EDIT BROWSE       ==> ISO   ISO,USA,EUR,JIS or LOCAL
  Format numerics with commas          ==> Y     Y or N
  Capitalization for character data    ==> Y     Y or N
  Default method for applying updates  ==> P     P - Positioned updates
                                                 S - Searched updates
  Commit level for searched updates    ==> 50    1-9999
  Return to RI list after RI/Edit      ==> N     Y or N
  View Updatability options            ==> E     N - Do not perform checking
                                                 B - Basic support
                                                 E - Extended support
  Varying Character string delimiters  ==> <  >  For varying character columns
  Asynchronous background fetch options
    Enable background fetching         ==> Y     Y or N
    Run in CONTINUOUS or PAUSE mode    ==> C     C - Continuous mode
                                                 P - Pause mode

Setting this parameter to 'N' will allow the external security package to perform the security checking rather than RC/Update. The RC/Edit profile parameter controls this functionality at the user level.

This parameter may also be set system wide for RC/Edit by using the DEFAULTS parmlib member. This member lets you specify default values for RC/Migrator and RC/Update.

To enable DEFAULTS processing you must first of all specify DEFAULTS(YES) in the relevant SETUPxx parmlib member.

Then within the DEFAULTS parmlib member, the UAUTH parameter can be set accordingly:

                              /*                                   */
UAUTH      (N)                /* PERFORM AUTHORIZATION CHECKING    */
                              /* BEFORE ENTERING RC/EDIT           */
                              /*   Y - PERFORM CHECKING            */
                              /*   N - SKIP CHECKING               */
                              /*                                   */

To take this one step further you can then use the GBLDEF command to customize the default RC/Update values that appear for specific primary and secondary user IDs. This facility lets you specify defaults for individual users or groups of users for variables previously stored in the ISPF profiles.

For further information on the GBLDEF command please refer to the General Facilities Reference Guide, chapter 10, Global Defaults.


Component: RCQ