TCP/IP Live invocation fails frequently
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TCP/IP Live invocation fails frequently


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TCP/IP Live invocation fails frequently. 50 % of the TCP/IP live transactions fails (empty response) in pass through mode. It looks like the issue might have something to do with the TCP Live Invocation step. It fails to invoke the live TCP service endpoint every second time. For example, for transaction #1 live invocation is successful, transaction #2 it's unsuccessful, transaction #3 it's successful, transaction #4 it's unsuccessful. 



All supported DevTest releases.


It is presumed that there is an issue with the TCP Live Invocation step re-using an old socket, thus causing alternate falures since, following a redeploy of the affected services following each transaction, the service was seen to work correctly.

The assumption is therefore that the TCP Live Invocation needs to discard the old connection/socket when it makes a subsequent live invocation.  



Add the below property in your file

This is intended to force the live invocation step to use a new connection/socket each time. And should just work without calling live invocation twice.