Activating and deactivating users exits in CA 11
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Activating and deactivating users exits in CA 11


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How are user exits activated and deactivated in CA 11 Workload Automation Restart and Tracking?



Release: 11.0  


To implement and activate user exits in CA 11 Workload Automation, perform the following:

  • Run SAMPJCL library member AL7UXIT  with the desired code changes.

  • After AL7UXIT  completes successfully, cycle DBAS with RECOVCSA=NO specified in the config file. If the CAILIB for CA 11 is in linklist, a LLA refresh will also have to be performed.                                                                                                                   

  You may also active user exits using the REFRESH command.             

  • Issue DBAS command COMCHAR REFRESH MOD=NAME where COMCHAR is the value in config file and NAME is the name of the user exit module.


    The above example (assuming '=' is the comchar value in the config file) will activate changes made to U11RDSEX exit.

Note: The REFRESH command will activate or reinstate all of the user exits except U11SSSEX. U11SSSEX requires a CAIRIM REINIT of CA 11, and that DBAS be recycled with RECOVCSA=NO to activate any changes made to it. Keep in mind that using the method of cycling DBAS to activate the U11SSSEX user exit requires a CAIRIM REINIT also.

If there is a need to deactivate any user exit, run SAMPJCL library member AL7UXIT with the vanilla version of the code shipped with the product and follow the above mentioned steps.