Activating and deactivating users exits in CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Scheduling (CA 11).


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This Knowledge Document describes how to activating and deactivating users exits in CA 11 Workload Automation Restart and Tracking.


To implement and activate user exits in CA 11 Workload Automation, perform the following:

  • Run SAMPJCL library member AL7UXIT (L730UXIT in r3.0) with the desired code changes.

  • After AL7UXIT (L730UXIT in r3.0) completes successfully, cycle DBAS with RECOVCSA=NO specified in the config file. If the CAILIB for CA 11 WA is in linklist, a LLA refresh will also have to be performed.

  • If PTF QO92310 for r3.0 is applied or r11.0 is the release of CA 11, instead of cycling DBAS to activate and implement user exits, you can issue DBAS command COMCHAR REFRESH MOD=NAME where COMCHAR is the value in config file and NAME is the name of the user exit module.


    The above example (assuming '=' is the comchar value in the config file) will activate changes made to U11RDSEX exit.

Note: The REFRESH command will activate or reinstate all of the user exits except U11SSSEX. U11SSSEX requires a CAIRIM REINIT of CA 11, and that DBAS be recycled with RECOVCSA=NO to activate any changes made to it. Keep in mind that using the method of cycling DBAS to activate the U11SSSEX user exit requires a CAIRIM REINIT also.

If there is a need to deactivate any user exit, run SAMPJCL library member AL7UXIT (L730UXIT in r3.0) with the vanilla version of the code shipped with the product and follow the above mentioned steps.


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